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Autumn Leaf Window Decals

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun, Muscle builder


Make a game for your kids out of collecting Autumn leaves, then bring the leaves inside to make a pretty, seasonal, window display.

This project is a wonderful Autumn project when there are so many beautifully
coloured leaves fallen on the ground to use. - Kimberley, VIC.


Scissors, Clear adhesive book covering, leaves from the garden.


  • Take a walk with your child/children and collect some wonderful colourful and different shaped leaves from the garden, make sure that they are dry before using in project. Turn this part into a learning activity; for example, ask them to find two leaves that are yellow, three that are brown, one small, one large, two that look the same, etc.
  • Cut two pieces of the clear book covering the same size. Remove the backing from one of the pieces and get your kids to place the leaves on the sticky side pressing down gently (you may need to help as the kids can get caught up in the adhesive).*
  • When the kids have finished placing the leaves on the adhesive remove the backing from the second piece and carefully place over top. Smooth over gently to remove any air bubbles and then stick artwork on a glass window using sticky tape or blu-tac.
  • When stuck on windows you are able to enjoy the full impact of the coloured leaves, with the light behind them the colours and tiny veins shine through.

*alternative ideas:

  • You can also make a paper border if you wish to surround the leaves.
  • Make one large piece to cover the whole window, or make long thin strips to either frame the inside of window, or just have a feature strip of leaves along the top or bottom of the window.
  • If you like this look, make it more permanent by sticking the first sheet of adhesive (with leaves attached) straight onto the window glass.