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Bunches of Fun Lunches

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child, parent

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun


You’ll never have to negotiate “just three more bites” with these amusing ways to punch up lunch.

Little chefs will love helping to make meals memorable with cookie-cutter sandwiches, funny fruits, silly salads and dressed-up sippy cups.

Cookie-Cutter Sandwiches

Your child can make his own crust-free creations with a little help from Mum or Dad. Have your child lay out two slices of bread. Using a dull knife, help him spread the sandwich fillings, such as peanut butter or vegemite. Or, layer luncheon meats and cheeses. Let your child choose a cookie-cutter such as his favourite animal, and help him cut out the shape.

Silly Salads

Here’s a fight-free way to get your child to eat his vegetables and fruits. Help your child make funny faces with berries or raisins for eyes and sliced apples, bananas, mangoes, or pears for the ears, nose, and mouth. Dress it up with earrings or a necklace made out of a line of raisins or berries.

Super Sippy Cups and Snack Packs

Let your child create his own customised sippy cups and snack packs by allowing him to decorate them with paint pens, glitter glue, and stickers.