Up-and-Down Ditty

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun


Your baby will love going for a ride on your legs as she listens to you sing and teach her what it feels like to go up and down.

Babies love the feeling of movement — especially moving up and down. Enjoy this teachable moment by putting this song into motion.

  • Sitting on the floor with your legs out in front of you, lay your baby face-up on your legs so that her head is right above your knees. (If your baby has developed some strength in her neck, you may choose to prop her up into a seated position, still facing you).
  • Lift your baby up and down by bending your knees in time with the words of this classic children’s song:

    The Grand Old Duke of York (Sung to the tune of A Hunting We Will Go)
    Oh, the grand old Duke of York,
    He had ten thousand men,
    He marched them up to the top of the hill (Bend your knees)
    And he marched them down again. (Straighten your knees)

    And when they were up they were up. (Bend your knees)
    And when they were down they were down. (Bend your knees)
    And when they were only half way up, (Bend your knees half way up)
    They were neither up nor down. (Bend your knees further up and then straighten your legs)