Toddler Toy Drive

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child, parent

Skill for Bub: Mind builder


Children learn the value of charity by giving away toys.

Children are never too young to begin learning about empathy, caring, and the value of charity. Here’s how to start your little one on the road to a lifetime of giving back.

  • Begin by explaining to your child that there are lots of girls and boys who are not as lucky to have as many toys as she does.
  • Then ask her which toys she would like to give to another child to make him or her happy. (Be sure to give away only new or gently used toys).
  • Then, deliver the toys to a local hospital or charitable organization together.
  • Although it will depend upon your child’s level of development to grasp these ideas, allowing her to participate will surely plant the seeds of kindness.

Giving as a Family: It’s a lot easier for young children to give up things of their own when the whole family is making sacrifices. Take a weekend afternoon for all the members of your family to choose things to donate. Talk, as a family, about how it feels to have the things you need and how it might feel if you didn’t. Then talk about how it feels to give things away — how even if it makes you sad, it makes another person very, very happy. Your children learn empathy when you model it!