Nursery Rhyme Art

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Making memories


Your favorite story by Mother Goose comes to life in a whimsical wall hanging for your baby’s nursery.

The cow jumping over the room, the mouse running up the clock, Mary and her little lamb…images of nursery rhymes hung on the walls of your baby’s room add an enchanting accent for your child to adore for years to come.

  • Select two or three illustrations from a large book of nursery rhymes (or other picture book of your choice).
  • Carefully cut them out of the book.
  • Have them matted and framed in a style and color that will compliment the room.
  • Hang them in a row of three or separately around the room.

Looking Back: Talk with your partner about the books the two of you read while growing up. Try to find some of those titles in bookstores or online. Even if you don’t use them for wall hangings in your child’s nursery, you’ll have them for your child to peruse as he grows up.