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In the Swim of Things

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun


Pregnancy is a great time to take to the water – especially if you’re looking for a comfortable, low-impact exercise.

You may be hesitant to put on a swimsuit now that your body is changing in the most amazing ways, but few things are as liberating as showing off your curves – especially around other women going through the same thing – and few things feel as great during pregnancy as buoyancy. During pregnancy, water aerobics is not only a more comfortable exercise than most but also a better workout all around. You exert nearly twice as much energy in the same amount of time. Plus, the pool creates a comfortable and soothing place for exercise. The water provides buoyancy, making you feel lighter with less stress on the body, and this relaxes both you and your baby. The fact that your baby is floating in fluid inside of you and you are floating in water outside of you is very soothing.

After checking with your doctor, try these simple exercises for a great workout custom fit for your new body:

  • Walk in place and use your hands (fingers together, outstretched) to create greater resistance in the water.
  • Do the dolphin kick. Hang on to the edge of the pool and kick your feet while bending your knees only slightly. Because of its buoyancy, water allows you to do movements and work muscles that you aren’t able to on land.
  • Relax the stress away. Don’t forget that letting go of stress is good for you and your baby. Take a few moments before and after your workout to simply float in the water.
Joining a prenatal aqua aerobics class is a great idea. Check your local pool for availability