Birthday Ball

Duration: any

Age: baby, toddler, child, parent

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Parties and Celebrations


Happy birthday, Baby! Celebrate this joyous event with a simple theme that babies love – balls!

For many parents, a child’s first birthday heralds the end of babyhood and the beginning of toddlerhood. A walking, talking little person ready to explore the world takes the place of midnight feedings and bibs caked in spit-up.

Your baby probably won’t remember anything about the event, but why not celebrate the first birthday with a party the whole family will treasure? It’s a great way to mark how far you’ve come in only a year.

Limit the number of guests when planning your child’s first party. Too many children may overwhelm your birthday star and take away from his special day. Keep the theme simple and something your child will enjoy. Balls are favorites of most 1-year-olds.


Traditional party invitations are fine, but why not share the specifics of your party on a ball? Buy rubber balls and write all the details in permanent marker. Then pass – or toss! – them out.


Even the most inexperienced baker can pull off this incredibly easy cake. Simply prepare a boxed cake mix and bake in two round pans. While the cakes cool, mix food colouring into prepared vanilla or cream cheese frosting until desired colour is achieved. Frost the cakes. You have two colourful balls! Or get more detailed and add blocks of colour in a beach ball pattern, or decorate with coloured sprinkles.

Party Games

A first birthday is usually a short event due to the attention span and temperament of the special guest. A 1-year-old will be happy just rolling a ball around to party guests. Or, set out buckets or other containers and let the children throw smaller balls into them. Grab some beach balls and let the babies toss them into the air. Can the babies toss them to each other? Invest in a sturdy toddler basketball hoop and have the kids try to score baskets. If you have some space, try a toddler baseball game with a plastic bat and a large plastic ball. Have a yard? Try toddler golf!

You’ll be having a ball on Baby’s first birthday! For more party ideas, see Kiddie Carnival and Dance Party.