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Easter eggs in a nest

Duration: short

Age: , child

Skill for Bub: making memories


Celebrate the Easter spirit with your little one by making these bright and sparkly eggs in their very own nest.

Special thanks to Huggies mum Katrina for sharing this craft activity with us.

Take some eggs and poke a small hole in the top of each one. Then poke a bigger hole in the bottom of each egg and blow the insides out (which can then be used for cooking.)

Grab some paint and some glitter and let your kid go crazy decorating them.

For the nest, wrap a bowl in tin foil get some brown coloured paper for the twigs. Cut the paper in to shreds.

Take some non-toxic glue and help your little one glue the paper on to the tinfoil till he or she can no longer see the tinfoil at the bottom of the “nest”.

Put some yellow paper in the basket and place the eggs on top once they are dry.