Christmas card hanger

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child

Skill for Bub: Hand/eye coordination, Just for fun, Parties and Celebrations


Make a card hanger to store all your Christmas cards.

Do you find that by the end of December you have Christmas cards hanging around everywhere and cluttering up every surface of your home?

If this is you then why not get the kids to make a simple Christmas chain which you can use as a home for all the Christmas cards as they arrive.  Once the chain is complete, simply have a stapler handy and staple one card per decoration as you receive them.

You will need the following:

  • One long brightly coloured or Christmas themed ribbon approximately 2 metres long.
    The ribbon needs to be at least 5cm wide and relatively firm. These can be bought from any discount store for around $2.00 for the entire roll and you should get a few metres out of that.
  • Large and small size punches (fancy shaped punch holers) in various shapes
  • Scrap pieces of coloured paper
  • Glue and paint brush
  • One thumb tack to hang the ribbon


  1. Cut lots of paper shapes using the punches in a variety of colours.
  2. Glue some of the smaller shapes onto the larger ones to make them more colourful.
  3. Staple the finished shapes onto the ribbon approximately 8-10cm apart.
  4. Hang the finished ribbon off a door by folding 2cm of the ribbon over the top of a door frame and securing it in place with a thumb tack
  5. Each time you receive a card staple it to one of the decorations.