Christmas calendar

Duration: medium

Age: child, parent

Skill for Bub: making memories


Get into the Christmas spirit and make your very own advent calendar at home!

Christmas calendar
  1. Cut a 30cm x 30cm piece of cardboard.
  2. Paint with white water paint.
  3. Cut some red velvet tissue and attach with some glue stick around the cardboard to realise a frame.
  4. Buy small match boxes and paint them in red. Let dry.
  5. With a golden pen draw the number for each day of the month of December. Then draw a cross on top of each box.
  6. Buy some small reindeer to stick in the middle of the cross.
  7. Then stick the boxes around the cardboard and hide some chocolate in each box.
  8. Before going to bed each day of the month of December, your child can look for the number of the day and find the chocolate.