Silly Sit-Ups

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder


A fun game to tone your tot’s tummy muscles.

Strong abdominal muscles are essential for helping baby to balance and sit up on his own. Strengthen baby’s stomach in this entertaining way.

  • Gather a collection of your child’s favourite stuffed animals.
  • Support your child in a seated position.
  • Grab hold of her hands and slowly tip her backward so that she eventually lies down on the floor or bed. (Make sure that her head is supported).
  • Show her a stuffed animal and say, “Sit up for Mr. Teddy Bear.”
  • Pull her gently up into a seated position.
  • Give her lots of praise as you hand her the stuffed animal.

Note: Be sure that she has enough neck strength to complete the exercise, or that you support her neck.