Puddle Jumping

Duration: any

Age: toddler, child, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder, Just for fun


Don’t wish the rain away – go outside and play!

Contrary to popular belief, wet feet cannot make you sick. That’s all the more reason why you should let your child puddle jump. Of course, playing in puddles during lightning storms is not a good idea!

  • Once the storm passes, head outdoors with your little one. Rain boots and slickers are usually the right attire, but if it’s warm enough, consider letting your child go barefoot. Alternatively, an old pair of shoes will work fine, too.
  • Then it’s off to experience one of the great joys of childhood: splashing, splashing and more splashing! Let your child experience the water without hesitation. Watch the pure joy on his face when he can splash without fear of reprimand!
  • If you dare, take off your shoes and squish your toes in the mud. Ask your child questions like, “How does the mud feel between your toes? Does the earth have a smell to it? What are those worms doing?”
  • Let your child pick up the worms that are crawling around. What do they feel like? It doesn’t get more exciting than that!
  • Try tossing small rocks into large puddles. How big of a splash can you safely make? How many ripples does a tiny pebble make vs. a larger stone?
  • Make leaf or tree bark sailboats by finding a large, flat leaf or piece of bark. Place a pebble or even a worm on the “boat” and cast it adrift on a puddle. How far does it float? Can you pass it back and forth?
  • Play tag in the rain. Splashing through the puddles as you run makes it that much more fun – just be careful not to slip!