Kiddie Carnival

Duration: any

Age: child, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder, Just for fun


Don’t wait until the circus comes to town. Enjoy your very own carnival – with one child or several kids!

Kiddie rides are a childhood rite of passage. We’ve all enjoyed a laugh or two being bounced on Nana’s knee or experienced the thrill of tightly gripping Daddy’s back as he galloped down the hall. Now it’s time to combine these activities into one giant festival.

For starters, it helps to have another adult helping you out (doing this in a playgroup setting with other parents and kids is a great idea). Exhaustion can cripple the strongest thighs after a few dozen bounces – but just think of the workout you’re getting! Once you have a partner in crime, it’s time to set the agenda. Decide who does what and how many times a ride goes before your child must switch. Here are some classic kiddie ride ideas:

  • Rodeo: Mum or Dad on all fours and Baby on your back. Gently buck and spin until the child slides off.

  • Pony rides: Mum or Dad bounces Baby on a leg or knee.

  • Helicopter: Mum or Dad securely holds Baby and spins around until dizziness sets in.

  • Push-ups: Mum or Dad lies on their back and pushes the child into the air with their arms or legs.

For a more carnival-like atmosphere, play fun music in the background. Consider laying out some pillows and blankets on the floor so you are free to be as rambunctious as you like!