Duration: any

Age: child, parent

Skill for Bub: Muscle builder, Hand/eye coordination


Help your child relax, stretch, and strengthen with kid-friendly yoga poses.

Grown-ups know how great yoga can be for calming, curing kinks, and increasing muscle tone. Why not teach your child three postures that she can practice alongside of you?

Big Ball Bends

Have your child drape her body over an exercise ball like a limp rag doll. Slowly move the ball forwards and backwards to deepen this relaxing pose.

Downward Dog

This posture is the same as an adult downward facing dog with a fun twist. Have your child begin on her hands and knees. Help her to push her arms and legs straight so that her body is positioned like an inverted V. (This is the downward dog position). If your child has ever seen a dog relieve himself, she will get a giggle out of this next step: Tell your child to mark her territory by lifting one leg in the air at a time. This is an excellent way to increase your child’s balance and arm strength, as well as to stretch out her hips.

Apple Tree Pose

Have your child stand with her back against a wall. Help her to bend one leg so that her foot is pressing against the inner thigh of her standing leg. Help her practice balance by gently positioning her body slightly away from the wall. Invite her to raise her hands over her head while pressing her palms together.

Remember: Don’t worry if your child poses aren’t perfect. The point of this activity is just to have fun, and to help your child develop techniques for relaxation that she may use as she grows.