The Write Stuff

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Making memories


Keeping a pregnancy journal is a fun activity that records thoughts and ideas you have during pregnancy – as well as those wacky moments you’ll never believe happened!

Pregnancy is a time unlike any other. Many expectant mums experience anxiety, fear, excitement and worry – all at once. “Will I be a good mum? Will he be a good dad? Will the baby be healthy? Will I ever stop craving cucumbers?” Sometimes the best way to clear your mind is to write things down.

A journal is a great tool for recording memories. Writing about the little things – like first kicks, ultrasounds and morning sickness – can help you relive what you may otherwise forget. A pregnancy journal is a terrific keepsake for your baby. Whether you share it with your child while she is young or when she is an adult, it is a very cool gift.

The best way to get started with a pregnancy journal is to just start writing. You don’t need a specific type of journal; a spiral notebook or computer screen work equally well. You don’t need to begin at a specific time in your pregnancy. Maybe you’ve missed the first three months – you’ve still got six more to go!

Start with 10 entries and try working your way up. Once your mind starts working, it’ll be hard to stop. Consider writing it to your baby directly. Topics could include:

  • How I told your father about the pregnancy and how he reacted. 
  • How I overcame my biggest pregnancy fear. 
  • Why I named you what I did. 
  • When I first felt you kick or hiccup.
  • What I did during those sleepless nights when your rolling kept me awake.
  • How many times I had to go to the bathroom because your head was resting on my bladder!
  • My favourite foods during pregnancy.
  • My favourite songs (and the ones you reacted to!).

Journaling is a wonderful way to chronicle each discovery and remind you of what started you on this remarkable adventure.