Memory Box

Duration: any

Age: baby, parent

Skill for Bub: Making memories


Create a cool place to store all your baby memories!

While books and journals are a wonderful way to remember everything about your baby’s early months, there are some things that simply won’t fit into and onto the pages. Create a place to keep it all. You’ll need a lidded box that is larger than a shoebox but small enough to store on the closet shelf. Baby-themed wrapping paper is a simple but effective way to decorate the exterior. You also can paint, draw or create a collage of baby photos on the box. Inside, place the mementos you have gathered since the beginning of your pregnancy. Here are some items you might include:

  • A picture of or the actual positive pregnancy test (no, it doesn’t smell, and it’s not as gross as it sounds!).
  • Ultrasound videotapes or photos.
  • A pregnancy journal.
  • A favorite piece of maternity clothing.
  • Hospital bracelets.
  • Garments or blankets worn by Baby after birth.
  • Photographs and videotapes of the birth.
  • Congratulatory cards.
  • Baby’s christening apparel.
  • Baby’s first shoes.