Embossed Handprint

Duration: any

Age: baby, toddler

Skill for Bub: Just for fun, Making memories


Having a tiny handprint of your little one can be such a precious keepsake. While it’s normally done with paint, here’s a new way to do it that’s just as easy; make a gold embossed version for that extra special touch!

My daughter and I have fun going a bit further and embossing her
hand prints - Deborah, Whangarei.

 It’s always fun to do hand and foot prints with paint. My daughter and I have fun going a bit further and embossing her prints. They always look really effective. Great for wall art for their rooms or cards for special family members.

what you’ll need:

  • Non-toxic ink pad (any colour)
  • Embossing powder – any colour you chose
  • Cardboard / paper or canvas
  • A pair of childrens hands or feet
  • A sink handy to wash hands
  • Any paints or pens to decorate further
  • Toaster or hairdryer


  • Wet palm of hand or foot with ink pad. Firmly press onto paper. Wash hand under sink.
  • Immediately cover the wet print with embossing powder [must be wet or will not stick]. Shake off excess powder into sink or a container to reuse again.
  • This next step can be done when you have the time but is really quick to do. Carefully heat the embossing powder with your chosen heat source (hairdryer, or hold over a toaster) being careful not to burn the paper.
  • The embossing powder bubbles under heat to make a beautiful gloss finish.
  • Decorate card or canvas further as you wish. Really neat to have as memory for yourself and grandparents love them!

other ideas:

We did a big silver hand print card for fathers day and he loved it. Its been on our fridge ever since. But you could also use this method to make:

  • Gift cards
  • Christmas cards
  • A framed picture as a gift
  • Do a small series with hands and feet and frame them
  • Baptism, Christening or Baby Naming Ceremony invitations

By Deborah Patterson