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Be-Our-Guest Birthday Scrapbook

Duration: any

Age: child, parent

Skill for Bub: Making memories, Parties and Celebrations


Pictures painted by party guests create an adorable keepsake for the birthday boy or girl to enjoy for years to come.

Need an activity for your child’s second birthday? Entertain pint-size party goers with an arts and craft project that transforms into a guestbook for your child.

Favored Party Project

  • Have your guests — children and adults both, including family — draw and stick stickers on pieces of colorful construction paper to produce pages for the book.
  • Be sure everyone includes his or her name on their masterpieces.
  • Decorate a cover with the title “(name of child)’s 2nd Birthday Scrapbook.”
  • If you’re opening gifts at the party — or even afterward – consider jotting down which guests brought which presents. This will not only be a special reminder for years to come, but also an easy way to help you write thank-you cards later.
  • After the party, paste a copy of the party invitation and a few snapshots from the bash on pieces of construction paper.
  • Laminate and bind the pages together, either using binder rings or having spirals put in at an office-supply store.

What a nice piece of childhood your little one can take with her as she grows!