Artwork Archive

Duration: any

Age: parent

Skill for Bub: Making memories


Declutter your home by digitising your child’s art projects.

If your child’s artwork is running amok throughout your house, but you’re having trouble parting with it, manage the flow by capturing it on a CD-ROM instead. Begin by sifting through the projects to see if there are any that can be tossed. (Do you really need to keep her teacher’s renditions?) Next, scan the artwork, download it to your computer, and transfer it to a disk. Be sure to make a few copies. When you have finished digitising, you can whittle your collection down even further to just a few special pieces. Although the process may take a little extra time, it’s certainly worth the effort. Plus, with the art on disk, you can use those images to transfer to mugs, calendars, and other photo gifts available through a variety of online retailers.