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Imported Product Alert

The Huggies® Team here in New Zealand takes considerable care to ensure the design of our nappies meets the needs of parents and bubs in New Zealand.

We work together with the Huggies® Team in Australia in carefully designing Huggies® nappies. All of the nappies designed by our Huggies® Team with our Australian colleagues are made exclusively for the New Zealand and Australian market.

However, the Huggies® Team has become aware that some Huggies® nappies are being offered for sale in New Zealand (both in store and online), which have been manufactured in a number of locations overseas and intended for sale in other markets, are being imported on an ad hoc basis by third parties, not by us.

Whilst the packaging may look very similar to the Huggies® nappies you know, these nappies have not been designed for the New Zealand market and will not give the same level of performance as the nappies you are used to.

These are parallel import nappies and are made to different specifications (so they may not meet your performance needs) and are not made or imported by the Huggies® team nor Kimberly-Clark New Zealand.

As such we cannot guarantee that the imported product will meet your performance expectations

How will I know?

These nappies will often have packaging that looks different to the products ordinarily sold here in New Zealand. You can see some examples of these packs below.

Why are they cheaper?

These products will have a different design and are often cheaper than our New Zealand products because they are not made to the same specifications as the Huggies® nappies you are used to buying (including features, overall performance and absorbency).

So be careful that when you buy Huggies® nappies, you buy the nappies that intended for Australian and New Zealand bubs.

Examples of parallel imported Huggies® nappies



Other imported Huggies® products

As you know, the Huggies® Team here in New Zealand also offer HUGGIES® Baby Wipes and HUGGIES® Nappy-Pants. We take considerable care to ensure the designs of these products meet the performance needs of the New Zealand public. We arrange for HUGGIES® Baby Wipes and HUGGIES® Nappy-Pants to be manufactured by Kimberly-Clark to these exacting specifications in custom made facilities in the USA and Singapore.

However, we have been made aware of some HUGGIES® Baby Wipes being offered for sale in New Zealand which are not imported by the Huggies® team nor Kimberly-Clark New Zealand, and which are not made to our specifications. The majority of these wipes will not provide the levels of performance as the HUGGIES® Baby Wipes you are used to, as some of them are significantly thinner than the New Zealand product.

These wipes will generally have multiple languages in their product description. The pictures below show some examples of these wipes.