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Topics and Forums

Viewing the Forums

You can view all the forums by pressing the “Browse” tab at the top of any page. To enter a forum, click on its name.

Forums are split into categories. You can choose to hide any category by pressing the “down arrow” button on the right-hand side above the list of forums, and the “up arrow” button to make them visible again.

Viewing Topics

Within each forum there are a list of topics. You can click the star next to a topic name to start following that topic.

To add a new topic, press the “Start new Topic” button. This may not be available for all forums. In forums where you cannot create a topic you will see “You cannot start a new topic” in place of the button.

Viewing Options

There may be more than one page of topics, if this is the case, you will see “(X Pages)” at the bottom of the list of topics, followed by buttons to move across the pages. Use these buttons to view topics on other pages.

Viewing Posts

User Information

To the side of each post there will be information about the user.

You can click the follow icon to the right of the user’s avatar to start following them, or the message icon to send a private message.

You can click the user’s username or avatar to be taken to their profile.


To add a post to the topic, press the “Reply” button. This will not be available if the topic is closed, in which case you will see “This topic has been closed” or if you do not have permission to post in the forum, in which case you will see “You cannot reply to this topic”.

To quote another post in your reply, select the “Quote” button underneath the post you want to quote.

Post Options

Next to the reply and multiquote buttons you may also see " Edit" and " Delete" buttons for your own posts. If so, you can use these buttons to edit or delete your posts. Note that these options may not be available after a certain amount of time.


You may want to subscribe to your favorite members or topics so that when a new topic or reply is added you will be notified.

To subscribe to a topic, click the star icon that appears next to the topic’s name in the forum. Or if you’re already viewing the topic, just click the “Receive email notifications” button. You can also subscribe to a topic while replying by checking the “Notify me via email when someone posts in this thread” checkbox from under the post configuration options.

There are several types of notification, and you will be asked to choose one of these options:

Every reply
This option will send out a notification every time somebody replies to the topic.
Next reply only
This option will send out a notification only immediately after the next post has been made in the topic.
Daily digest
This option will send out a daily digest showing all all updated topics for the day.
This option will not send out any email notification but will retain the thread in your Topics panel.

You can remove a subscription from your Topics tab, or by going back to the area you are subscribed to and pressing the “Receive email notifications” button again.