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mummyto1 started new topic south waikato/ king country mums

if anyone is intreseted I would love to got to know some new mums, my girls are 4 and 2.

Monday 19 February 05:46pm

mummyto1 started new topic what are your 4yr old girls into?

I am finding it really hard to entertain my miss 4, she has a very short attention span so we usually only get to play half a board game or memory game till she starts getting all silly, she likes ...

Wednesday 07 February 07:41pm

mummyto1 replied to topic Still in cot, nearly 3!

I dont think it really matters, it depends on the child, my first daughter went into a bed at 18 months and was really good, didnt get out, but miss 23 months is a totally differnt story, she gets ...

Wednesday 07 February 07:38pm

mummyto1 started new topic sharing a room

miss 4 and miss 2 are sharing a room, sometimes they dont go to sleep till about 9pm, they just talk and laugh, they dont have any toys in their room as they have a playroom as well. miss 2 is stil...

Tuesday 19 December 09:44am

mummyto1 started new topic Hearing problems

I am taking miss 4 to the docs on Monday, she is having trouble hearing, about a month or 2 back she had a bad ear infection and after a week of antibiotics she had a hearing test with vibrations I...

Sunday 12 November 05:06pm

mummyto1 started new topic I feel like a horrible mum

This is really hard for me to say and I hate to say it but I need to let it out. Ok here goes, I think my 2 little girls would be better off in daycare, I feel like I cant give them the attention t...

Sunday 12 November 04:47pm

mummyto1 started new topic pregnant 16yr old

a relative of mine has just recently found out she is pregnant, shes 16 and it was definatly unplanned, she is still with the father who is her boyfriend of 4 months and she reckons they are "in lo...

Friday 22 September 03:53pm

mummyto1 replied to topic weaning off b/f

helz, my daughter sounds exactly like your son but shes getting better now...

Tuesday 27 June 06:23pm

mummyto1 replied to topic 15mth old weight??

my 15month old is 10kg and my 3yr old is 13kg

Monday 12 June 04:58pm

mummyto1 replied to topic wont eat home made!

This may sound a bit harsh and will be hard at first but if you refuse to give her jars of food then she will have to eat what she is given or she will go hungry, she wont let herself starve and wi...

Friday 02 June 04:59pm

mummyto1 started new topic Air NZ

we flew from Auckland to Melbourne on air nz which is a nearly 4hr flight and we didnt know when we booked that they dont serve kids meals or give them anything to do exept watch kids movies or pla...

Saturday 27 May 07:50pm

mummyto1 started new topic How much is too much?

my 14 month old has been sick but she is better now and has satrted eating properly again but she is still wanting heaps of breastfeeds a day, She was having alot when she was sick cos that was al...

Tuesday 25 April 05:42am

mummyto1 started new topic my boobs hurt

my 13month old has just had a tummy bug, vomiting and dirahreah and she has been having so much titi that my boobs hurt now when she goes on, she is off food a bit so I dont mind her feeding so muc...

Tuesday 18 April 04:46pm

mummyto1 started new topic yay she wont take the bottle

I was giving my 1yr old a bottle before bed for the last 4 months and now suddenly she has stopped wanting it and wants me instead, I am so happy about her decision cos I wanted to breastfeed her f...

Thursday 13 April 06:25am

mummyto1 replied to topic daughters weght

it could be the cordial, it has alot of sugar in it, having it in a bottle is also bad for her teeth, I'm not trying to sound judgemental or anything but maybe you could try giving water in the bot...

Monday 10 April 04:13pm

mummyto1 replied to topic HELP - I dont know what to do with him

hi there my wee girl was the same at that age until she started crawling just before 6 months, I think it is boredom and frustration at wanting to move but not being able to, we used to play peek ...

Wednesday 05 April 09:54am

mummyto1 replied to topic movement of a baby

my bubs crawled at 5 months so it is normal, I'd be more worried if she WASNT moving all the time.

Friday 31 March 07:52pm

mummyto1 started new topic what time do your kids go to bed?

Just curious... both of mine 3yrs and 1yr go to bed at 6:30 everynight and wake between 6-7 in the morning but my 1yr old occassionally wakes for a feed in the night if she has been fussy during t...

Friday 24 March 06:12pm

mummyto1 replied to topic Juvenile Diabetes

thats got me worried now, My 3yr old drinks and wees heaps, She has always drunk heaps so therefore wees heaps, maybe i should get her checked out too, if you dont mind me asking, are there any oth...

Friday 24 March 06:06pm

mummyto1 replied to topic Is it OK to switch between breast feeding and formula?

Hi there maybe its the teat... If the flow is too fast or if its screwed on to tight baby could either be sucking in too much air or getting too much milk causing him to vomit. First I would sta...

Wednesday 22 March 01:01pm
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