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kj replied to topic CHRISTMAS PRESENTS

My little girl will be 20 months in December and we have bought her lots of 'imagination' play equipment including megablocks (large lego blocks), little people village and playground, stroller for...

Sunday 21 November 01:51pm

kj started new topic anyone trying for baby may 2005?

Hi guys, We are planning to conceive baby #2 starting May next year. I would like to hear from people who may be doing the same. When are you all planning to conceive? My last pregnancy wasn't pl...

Thursday 28 October 02:23pm

kj replied to topic Losing it!!!!

Haven't been there but probably will be in 6 months or so! My only suggestion would be to play hard ball. If you are at playgroup and he is aggressive give him a warning - tell him you'll go straig...

Friday 22 October 04:11pm

kj started new topic age gap between kids?

Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask mothers of 2 or more what they would recomend as a good age gap between siblings. Mind you, my daughter is already 18 months so the minimum I could have is just o...

Thursday 21 October 12:26pm

kj started new topic temper tantrums - when will it end?

My daughter, now 18 months, is very strong willed, determined and easliy frustrated when she can't do something (like put the block into the shape sorter) or get her own way (play with the suncream...

Thursday 21 October 11:21am

kj started new topic occasional turned in foot

Hi guys, My daughter is 18 months and is walking really well and is starting to run. On occasion her foot will turn in when walking. It doesn't cause her to trip or slow her down - just looks fun...

Wednesday 20 October 02:08pm

kj replied to topic 14 month old won't have naps at grandparents house

I know exactly where you are coming from! My daughter wouldn't sleep anywhere - including the car until recently - and would be a nightmare once she was tired. On Fathers Day we took her fleece/m...

Thursday 16 September 01:33pm

kj replied to topic Hair clips ... ??

I can sympathise! I just want her to look 'pretty' when we go out. The hair clip thing is very dependable on her mood - sometimes they stay nad other stimes they don't - if I put one in my hair as ...

Thursday 16 September 01:29pm

kj replied to topic Your Dental Tips

Maybe my daughter is a little easer convinced but we sing the song 'brush your teeth' and she has a go at cleaning mine and then her mouth opens wide so I can brush hers - only for a few quick scru...

Thursday 16 September 01:25pm

kj replied to topic Any advice on challenging toys?

I know this thread is old ... Anything open ended Eg: blocks, train sets, cars, sand pit, tea set, lego, crayons, playdough. These type of toys are never boring as they rely on the childs imaginati...

Thursday 16 September 01:15pm

kj replied to topic what is your 16 month old doing?

My daughter was born 5th April 2004 and is doing some things your babies are and not others. We have talked about colours for ages but I am getting nowhere and she needs a lot of help with shape s...

Thursday 16 September 01:10pm

kj replied to topic won't eat fruit!

I like the cheese idea - she never knocks back cheese! I will have to give it a go. Thanks girls - your ideas are great!

Tuesday 08 June 09:01am

kj replied to topic won't eat fruit!

Thanks! those are good ideas - I just need to be a bit more creative!

Thursday 27 May 07:34am

kj started new topic won't eat fruit!

Hi guys, my 13 month old refuses most fruit. She would eat mango when it was in season and will eat avocado and tomato as well as all her veges. In all other aspects she is a great eater but I am ...

Wednesday 19 May 11:28am

kj replied to topic Help I have a Biter!

My daughter is a bit younger - 13 months - but I found time out to work as well. She would latch onto me at every opportunity so I would say firmly "no!". She would stop and look at me and try agai...

Wednesday 19 May 11:22am

kj replied to topic When does the average baby start speaking?

It's a hard one to answer - It's one I've been asking a lot as well. It all depends on what you consider 'speaking' to be. For me, it is speaking when bub uses a word within a context and has assoc...

Wednesday 19 May 11:14am

kj replied to topic diet for 12 months

Thanks for your feedback everyone! I must say, I am very impressed with the amount of fruit your little ones are eating. My daughter will only eat mango - any other fruit has to be snuck into her c...

Thursday 01 April 12:41pm

kj replied to topic Walking

I agree with a lot of what is already here. My daughter is 11 1/2 months and she is only pulling herself to standing at the moment. I think walking is a little way off yet. However, I can see her m...

Saturday 20 March 05:02pm

kj replied to topic Help! My 14month old keeps hitting her mummy.

I won't be much help with the sleeping issue but I am experiencing similar behaviours with my daughter hitting and scratching me on the face. I do similar things to you - I say no firmly twice and ...

Saturday 20 March 04:52pm

kj started new topic diet for 12 months

Hi girls, I was wondering what type of diets your children are eating around the 12 month mark. What are they eating for each meal and how many snacks and what are they? Thanks

Saturday 20 March 04:48pm
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