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jenfletcher replied to topic new to forum

Hi, Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you as I have been away up north visiting family and just received notification of your email. Meg is nearly 6mths so things are getting easier - but...

Saturday 10 January 06:16pm

jenfletcher replied to topic Dad bonding with No2!

Hi Ange, My hubbie is the same with our second baby. We have a son who is 20mths and a daughter who is nearly 4mths. With our son he would jump at the chance to do everything and beat me in most...

Wednesday 12 November 08:17am

jenfletcher replied to topic baby after loss

It is not a nice feeling. After not intending to become pregnant, and then getting used to and excited about the prospect of becoming parents I lost our first baby at 14weeks. It then took us 12m...

Sunday 26 October 10:37pm

jenfletcher replied to topic Help !!! With Sleeping at Night

Hi, My son who is now 19mths old screamed for the first mths of his life. I think my husband and I spend most of that time sleeping standing up so that we could continue to rock him so that he wo...

Sunday 26 October 10:28pm

jenfletcher replied to topic Sleeping too long at night

Hi, I wanted to let you know about my daughter - she has just turned 3 mths old and sleeps for 11-12hrs per night for the last month or more. - she is feeding every 3-4 hrs of a day so don't be co...

Sunday 26 October 10:20pm

jenfletcher started new topic new to forum

Hi my name is Jenny and live on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. I am mum to 2 children under 2. My son Benjamin is 19mths and my daughter Megan is 12 weeks old. I would love someone to have a chat w...

Sunday 26 October 10:11pm

jenfletcher replied to topic I'm looking for a new friend

Hi how are you. Where abouts in Qld are you. I am also 27yrs and also happily married living on the Sunshine Coast. I have a 19mth old son Benjamin and a 12 week old daughter Megan. I know h...

Sunday 26 October 10:06pm
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