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aljay replied to topic easter?

This may also seem like a silly question, but why does it vary soooo much from year to year? What is it based on?

Thursday 06 April 07:27pm

aljay replied to topic car seat question

CHeck with the manufacturer before taking this info on board, but the newer models of reversible car seats can remain in the reverse position until the baby reaches 12kg. Apparently it's safer for...

Wednesday 05 April 08:12pm

aljay replied to topic media report on child care quality

I saw this onthe news and was surprised by the responses from the childcare workers. It worries me that they are not standing up and saying that they are not good enough for our children if they do...

Wednesday 05 April 08:09pm

aljay replied to topic Are you a Massage Therapist??

I believe you can make good money doing massage, although you can get very sore hands after a while. You won't need to go to the gym either as you'll build up all of your muscles. Good luck with...

Wednesday 05 April 07:50pm

aljay replied to topic in need of 4 barcodes..

hey angie there's 40000 of the cars. I doubt you'll miss out, especially if your kids go through nppies like mine do. Cheers

Thursday 30 March 11:31am

aljay replied to topic concerts & stage shows

I don't have any info for dates, but if you get the Playschool show near you it's a definite visit. Funny for mums as well as bubs.

Thursday 30 March 11:30am

aljay replied to topic Breast feeding

WOW is all I can say. I'm a great breastfeeding advocate but that seems a little over the top, but each to their own.

Thursday 30 March 11:16am

aljay replied to topic just want someone to talk to

Hey just replied to your other post. Hope today is better than the last few. Take care!

Thursday 30 March 11:02am

aljay replied to topic my situation

I always find it better to write down how I'm feeling otherwise it all seems to come out wrong when I try to talk about it. I end up crying and not making sense. Is her around on the weekend for y...

Thursday 30 March 11:01am

aljay replied to topic DON'T TOUCH ME!

It's definitey a tough time after the birth of a baby and something that a guy cannot possibly grasp. I went through something similar and it really affectedour relationship. One of you needs to ...

Thursday 30 March 10:50am

aljay replied to topic Light hearted look at a break up

Brilliant, I'll have to send this to some of my girlfriends who are going through some crap.

Thursday 30 March 10:46am

aljay replied to topic Gallstones / Gallbladder removal

I haven't had this but a girlfriend did. She was rushed to hospital on boxing day with a suspected heart attack. Turned out to be gall stones. Very scary!

Thursday 30 March 10:44am

aljay replied to topic Has anyone had their child in any Montessori pre-schools?

Not my own experience, but... My girlfriends little girl goes to a montessori preschool and she raves about it. I have been to pick her up on one occasion and I have to say that I was impressed w...

Thursday 19 May 01:43pm

aljay replied to topic What to wear at night

I always start out with one cotton blanket tucked in tightly so they feel secure. Then as winter progresses i add as necessary. I tend not to use gloves/mittens as I worry about them overheating....

Thursday 19 May 01:36pm

aljay replied to topic Has anyone noticed the change in quality of Huggies Nappies and Wipes??

Wow, you guys must be using a different Huggies to me. I can't pick the difference myself other than the picture on the front of the nappy and the packaging and I haven't had any problems at all. ...

Thursday 19 May 01:33pm

aljay replied to topic Mere Male!

I love everyone's stories. They really made me laugh. I asked my DH to organise the "bag" for us the other day, we were going to the park with the kids. Foolishly I trusted him and didn't check ...

Thursday 19 May 01:12pm

aljay replied to topic Popcorn

Hi everyone thanks for that info I'll give it a go this afternoon.

Wednesday 05 January 01:55pm

aljay replied to topic Recipies for a toddler with food allergies

If you find any good ones would you post them here please. Apparently there is a child starting at Kindy who is highly allergic to heaps of things and we're not allowed to send any packaged food t...

Saturday 01 January 12:14pm

aljay replied to topic I was told not to give sausages, sausage rolls and nestle yoghurt

I bought some organic sausages from the butcher the other day and they were fantastic. They were real meat and had hardly any of the extra filling that usually goes into them. I think everyone he...

Saturday 01 January 12:12pm

aljay replied to topic age to feed themself with spoon/fork

I say let them go for it. Yes it's a bit messy but the sooner that they get the hang of it the better. Hope all is well with you.

Saturday 01 January 12:10pm
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