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bubbyboo replied to topic Mother and father at the end of thier tether with toddlers not sleeping

Hi, how much do they sleep during the day, you might find they are not tired enough to go to bed when you want them to. My son never used to go to bed at night because he wasn't ready. I let him st...

Thursday 18 December 01:35pm

bubbyboo replied to topic Meeting new people

Hello there, My name is Karen and mother of 4. I am pretty bored at home everyday all day as I don't have a car to go anywhere and public transport is a nightmare with a 19 month old. My husband h...

Thursday 18 December 01:15pm

bubbyboo replied to topic Lunch ideas?

Hello there Lisa, I have a 19 month old boy, I usually give him a yoghurt or pureed fruit from Goulburn Valley you can buy in the supermarket. Or sometimes just a vegemite sandwich.

Thursday 18 December 09:02am
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