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Kristi replied to topic Opinions needed please

I really like your girls name, its gorgeous.

Sunday 08 April 12:16pm

Kristi replied to topic can i use this name

Hi, There's nothing wrong with it at all. I have an Ebonee and a Sapphire and an angel Rubee.

Sunday 08 April 12:15pm

Kristi replied to topic Name Change ... So Late???

Emily gets my vote

Wednesday 04 April 01:19pm

Kristi started new topic Lexapro?

Anyone been on or on this medication? I have OCD with some depressive symptoms that has been exacerbated post natally. I am resisting against meds. They make me feel sick. Im also worried about...

Sunday 01 April 12:59am

Kristi started new topic Check out this revamped parenting and friends website.

Hi, I just want to invite you all to come and check out or join if you like, this revamped website. It was formerly just a forum but it now has an interesting portal and an arcade for fun and gam...

Friday 30 March 12:02pm

Kristi replied to topic Lucas or corey

Lucas. It also sounds best with you other sons names

Tuesday 13 March 01:16pm

Kristi replied to topic Hubbys Pick....please let me know!!!

Sorry but that name is REALLY REALLY BAD. Its as bad as names like Apple. But i get the feeling you welcome me having that opinion lol

Sunday 11 March 09:47pm

Kristi replied to topic Which name do you like?

Zara Rose here.

Sunday 11 March 09:41pm

Kristi replied to topic What do you think of this name?

Hi, Yes, Rheit looks like its meant to be REE - IT not RET, so the suggestion of RHETT is a good one. Other than that i think they are nice names.

Saturday 20 January 06:39pm

Kristi replied to topic LET'S CUT THIS LIST DOWN!!

Hi, Briana Indianna Montanna Alyssa Some others i thought i might add for you Briella/Brielle Serenity/Serenitee Ebonee Sapphire Tia Odessa Matisse

Saturday 20 January 06:36pm

Kristi replied to topic ARE THESE NAME TOO SIMULAR??

Hi, I dont think its too close. Elle and Ella both sounds quite different when spoken. Plus if you dont see much of them then i dont see a problem. If you love the name Ella then use it. My DD...

Saturday 23 December 02:43am

Kristi started new topic Strange bleeding, uterus infection?

Has anyone had one after they have given birth? If so, what happened to you? I have been having TMI weird bleeding. Normally after the birth i get af 28 days to the day after i have the baby, re...

Thursday 21 December 10:25pm

Kristi replied to topic Over due......Still cant decide on names

Hi, Izabella-Payge is lovely, although i think it looks a little strange with Payge spelt with a "y" next to a first name with a "z" in it for some reason. Saraya is a gorgeous name, you should...

Thursday 07 December 02:29pm

Kristi replied to topic 5 over due and this one is engaged with 8 weeks to go !!!

Hi, I have just had my 5th baby. I didnt engage with baby #5 but i have engaged with some of the other pregnancies at about 32 wks and still went on to have a full term baby at 37/38 wks.

Thursday 30 November 06:37pm

Kristi replied to topic what do you think about.....

Hi, I love Saraya Susan.

Monday 27 November 02:50pm

Kristi replied to topic BIG reflux probably

Hi, It would have been the unthickened formula that did it. I have just watched the same thing happen with my baby. I put her on S26AR and it made her constipated but stopped the vomitting. So ...

Saturday 25 November 02:43pm

Kristi replied to topic Breech Baby....Info Needed!

Hi, I discovered my baby was breech at 34 wks 4 days. My baby did constant flips into and out of breech over the next 3 wks. I had an irritable uterus so my OB did not want to try and turn the b...

Saturday 25 November 02:27pm

Kristi replied to topic Heeellllppppp!!!!!

Hi, What about Sapphire Rose Destiny Rose Briella Rose Ebonee Rose Serenitee Rose Tia Rose Sitarrah Rose Matisse Rose Odessa Rose

Saturday 25 November 02:15pm

Kristi replied to topic WHat DO u ThiNK of ThiS NaME!!!

Hi, Thats a great name, i like it.

Saturday 25 November 02:11pm

Kristi replied to topic Boys names

Hi, Luca Nathaniel Xavier Oliver

Saturday 25 November 02:10pm
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