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Mimmy replied to topic Walking

my dd is also 13 months!! she stands too and in the past week has taken a couple of steps she actually did it herself. i could just tell she was ready she look very determained, and was very ...

Wednesday 20 December 08:41pm

Mimmy replied to topic Godparents gift

We had our daughters naming day on her first birthday . Our god parents were giving a certificate from the celebrant but as a special token i wrote a poem dedicated to then and what they mean in o...

Thursday 14 December 09:20pm

Mimmy started new topic How do i cope on my own ??????

WARNING:May be long!!! To a few of you i know its me mimmy back after a few months!! So DP and i have been seperated for 6 weeks now.He was always drinking,used foul language,being disrespectful,...

Thursday 14 December 09:10pm

Mimmy replied to topic going insane!!

Hello darl, It seems to be a quite tricky situation, Even though the sensible thing to do would be to sit her down and tell her how you plan to raise your child,(food wise, dicipline...

Thursday 14 December 08:54pm

Mimmy replied to topic how much time????????

i feel the same way. sometimes im just sitting on the couch watching her play and then she'll bring me her book, put it in my hand and say "TA" meaning "Please read it to me mummy" when i put her...

Monday 11 December 02:01pm

Mimmy replied to topic Carpet under dining table & a messy toddler! Not a good mix!!!

My 13 month old is just learning to use her spoon by herself i put down an old sheet,as they are really big!!! when i notice that she is mucking around with her food i take it off her and say "A...

Monday 11 December 01:41pm

Mimmy replied to topic 60 Minutes - Smacking

watching that made me extremely sick!!! I mostly felt heartache for the 3 year old boy who was wacked/slapped and held down with force by his father while his mother gave all her attention to hi...

Wednesday 08 November 09:24pm

Mimmy replied to topic how long for drugs to leave the body before concieving??

most drugs(though i am definitly not a professional in ANY way) take at the very least 5 days to leave your system make a few calls to find out exactly best of luck

Wednesday 08 November 09:14pm

Mimmy started new topic with me forever

I very much dislike most tattoos i see. Today I walked into a Tattoo shop and had "Lillie" tattooed on my lower back For someone who is terified of needles and pain(yes i went through labour) i a...

Wednesday 08 November 09:06pm

Mimmy started new topic games????

Didn't know where to stick this but just after some help DD is 12 months now and soon will be walking but she tends to get frustrated with alot of herr toys and comes up to me and grabs my leg fo...

Tuesday 07 November 01:38pm

Mimmy replied to topic Unbelievable !!!!!

thats so sweet though Lillie is not yet walking when she gets too tired or if im 5 mins behind she crawls into her room and stands up against her cot and calls out for me to put her to bed th...

Tuesday 07 November 01:34pm

Mimmy replied to topic HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey well i know this may seem a little drastic but my 12 month old sleeps with 14 dummies and still sleeps through the night when she wakes she feels arond and grabs a new one instead of waking...

Tuesday 07 November 01:31pm

Mimmy started new topic hey i am new

Hey mummies well i have finally joined the Toddler section its slightly sad but i now know Lillie is no longer a baby if im in this section

Tuesday 07 November 01:28pm

Mimmy replied to topic Old Wives Tales - true or not

i have never heard either of these but would be great to hear from other mums??

Friday 03 November 08:34pm

Mimmy replied to topic when to jolly jump

any time from when they can hold their head up my DD went in when she was about 4 1/2 months they dont need to be able to sit before, and thay really love the bouce good luck

Friday 03 November 08:26pm

Mimmy replied to topic THRUSH

i literally put a a tub of vaseline down there until the pills kicked in though this is just my suggestion.... so it may not work for all xx

Friday 03 November 08:15pm

Mimmy replied to topic warming baby food

DD's food is just always a warm temp i too, make large vats of food and freeze i defrost in the morning and warm when needed, cold food can give bubs a tummy pain welcome to the wonderful ...

Friday 03 November 08:11pm

Mimmy replied to topic He's not newborn anymore!

hey darl, welcome to you. i think this section is the best i am due for a move to "TODDLERS" but....... cheers

Friday 03 November 08:08pm

Mimmy replied to topic what to do and anyone done save our sleep self settle tech

hey darl first of all remember when you are feeling so damn tired that millions of mothers around the world are feeling it with you right now! i have tizzies book but i used a book by Gina Ford...

Friday 03 November 08:07pm

Mimmy replied to topic Help! What do i do?

sounds like you dd is in the same routine as my 12 month old i think before you let her cry you should try to rule out as many things as possible check her gums for teething? does she have a ...

Friday 03 November 07:57pm
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