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katemm82 replied to topic e-mail buddies

hi my name is kate and by baby girl ashley is 9m this weekend. i would love to chat to other mums it always help to have other mums to get advice off and to give advice! drop me a message and i ...

Friday 02 June 12:57pm

katemm82 started new topic 9moth old - how many milk feeds a day?

I need help! How many feeds of milk should a 9m+ baby be having a day? She has 3 full solid meals a day. When do u stop breast feeding?????

Thursday 01 June 01:28pm

katemm82 started new topic can baby's have finger foods when they don't have teeth?

Hello - can you give your baby finger food even if they don't have any teeth yet? When can you start giving finger foods? I have no idea about finger foods. What type of finger foods can i start ...

Sunday 26 March 06:01pm

katemm82 started new topic how many breastfeeds does a 6mth baby need?

Just wondering how many breastfeeds a 6mth baby needs in a 24hour period? My baby is already on three meals of solids a day as she started at 4mths. Do you start cutting out feeds and add in dair...

Sunday 26 March 05:37pm
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