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kiara replied to topic friends & family think he can eat anything!!! MAD MUM

boy do i have the same problem my mil has tried to give my 3 month old at the time lollies, mudcake and pavlova like hello eggs is the main ingredient so i put it straight do as i say and what i wa...

Thursday 22 June 10:11pm

kiara replied to topic hylands teething tablets

i work in a pharmacy and mums swear by them they love it and we sell loads of them. alot of the syrups actually have alcohol in them so always read the ingredients.

Thursday 22 June 10:01pm

kiara replied to topic crystals in huggies nappies?

i notice them all the time especially overnight. maybe huggies should be told so that they can improve the best nappy on the market

Thursday 22 June 09:57pm

kiara replied to topic Getting daughter christened and wanted to know....

hands and feet sculpture voucher is a great idea i get that for everyone. companies are Impressions and twinkle toes. they are sooo cute.

Thursday 22 June 09:54pm

kiara replied to topic Question for all mums with bubbas!!!

just remember that the rockers do not rock on carpet i bought a good one but it does not rock on the carpet so i spent the cash for nothing:)

Monday 27 March 08:53pm

kiara replied to topic any good dummies??

try the pigeon brand they are longer so easier for them to hold in there little mouth the others were too short and did not stay in.

Monday 27 March 08:50pm

kiara replied to topic S26 & FORMULA ADVICE

the gold has omega 3 fish oil that is really good for brain development i work in a pharmacy and many mums that gave there first child the normal s26 and then the gold have noticed a difference in ...

Monday 27 March 08:28pm

kiara replied to topic Advice needed....Should I stop breastfeeding????

you know what i was exactly the same i did not enjoy it after a while dont feel guilty. do what makes you feel comfortable. i love feeding my baby and you can still share that bond just leave the f...

Monday 27 March 08:10pm


you need to be really carefull do not stop all of a sudden to need to drop a feed gradually every few days and the last feed you should drop is the morning. i did this got advice from the clinic an...

Monday 27 March 08:06pm

kiara replied to topic bottle feeding - what teat?

what ever you do dont buy tommee tippee the teats collapse while you are feeding and the poor baby has to suck so hard and still gets no milk. i work in a chemist and got many brands i love the ave...

Monday 27 March 08:02pm

kiara replied to topic Hiccups

my baby gets them all the time i always give her a little water and that always gets rid of them good luck!

Sunday 26 March 09:23pm

kiara started new topic rice cereal

i have had a lot of problems with my two and a half month waking up for every feed still at night 3-4 hours. quite a few people have told me to put half a teaspoon of rice cereal in the last bottle...

Sunday 26 March 09:11pm
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