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Carolyn051 replied to topic Can anyone help me out in this situation?

Hey Kierenhold!!! I am happy for your kids. You have 4 kids. It means you are living a happy life. So you are facing an issue of your tubes. It’s not an ordinary thing. As one of my family members ...

Thursday 25 January 10:49am

Carolyn051 replied to topic Isla, Ella or Ava

Hello TrinaMelville!!! Congratulations….it’s a day of celebration on your 4rth kid. I am happy for you. So you are confused about every woman. You can’t decide what name will suit her personality. ...

Thursday 25 January 10:45am

Carolyn051 replied to topic Nutritionist during pregnancy

Hey! I am sorry to hear about your loss.It was great a big loss for you.As far as you are looking for nutritionist then I want to give you some advice related to this.Firstly I will suggest you to ...

Sunday 21 January 08:34pm

Carolyn051 replied to topic Just found out you're pregnant? Check out our Week by Week Pregnancy Guide!

Hey! Hope so you are all fine on this forum.I have joined this forum since my first month of pregnancy.Now I am in my 6th month of pregnancy.At the start of my pregnancy, i ignored cramping that I ...

Sunday 21 January 08:32pm

Carolyn051 started new topic Pregnancy after loss

Hey ladies! Hope so you are doing well and enjoying your time.I need some suggestions from you.I am pregnant now.During my first pregnancy, I lost my child because it was a premature delivery. Now ...

Sunday 21 January 01:47am
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