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katsamal replied to topic Any hints on what to take to hospital?

Hi There Just thought I'd add a quick one.... Soft toilet paper !!!! I took my own last time and was sooooo glad I did.

Saturday 03 April 12:36pm

katsamal replied to topic Blood Tests and a TERRIBLE OB/GYN Please Help

Hi there Just read through all the posts and it reminded me of my last Ob I had with my daughter. What an absolute pig he was and how I hated going to him. Luckily I was able to do shared care and...

Wednesday 31 March 01:27pm

katsamal replied to topic Baby's Surname

Hi Jo I'm in the same boat, and I'm going for baby number three, due in June.....!! It looks really bad on the Medicare card to have my surname different to everyone else's !! Hee hee. We will how...

Wednesday 24 March 08:11pm

katsamal replied to topic Water Birth

Hi MrsSuz I don't know of any specific websites, but I just typed "water birth" into our Google search engine and it came up with quite a few might have to have a bit of a browse. I wa...

Wednesday 24 March 07:56pm

katsamal replied to topic Spa Bath during Pregnancy

Hi Jodie I believe that the problem with spa baths is more the possibility of your base body temp getting too high, as well as the risk of infection from public spa's. I think if you have your own...

Monday 08 March 08:33pm

katsamal replied to topic When Are your Due Dates?

Hi Everyone What a great idea....I'm always looking at peoples posts to see who is due around the same time as me ! Name: Carmel Due: 15th June Children: Sammy, 4 and Kate, 2 Best of luck everyo...

Wednesday 03 March 04:33pm

katsamal replied to topic circumcision

Hi Stacey I know two people who have had it done in the last 18 mths. One was in country Vic and the other in Melbourne. Both had it done soon after birth at the hospital were the baby was born an...

Wednesday 03 March 04:23pm

katsamal replied to topic help and/or advice needed

Hi Alecia NIPPLE STIMULATION !!!! It worked wonders for me, though everyone is different. Either get hubby to do it or do it while reading a book.....(it's actually quite boring !!) You need to d...

Wednesday 18 February 04:14pm

katsamal replied to topic Working through pregnancy

Hi Bear97 I agree that you should do what feels best for you, but being second time around, I would advise stopping work just a little bit earlier !! I suppose it depends on whether being at home ...

Wednesday 18 February 04:03pm

katsamal replied to topic I just found this site!!!

Hi Renee Welcome to the group !! I suppose I'm an oldie as well, 33, and i am pregnant with number three. I think you are an amazing person to be having a fifth child. If I didn't suffer so much w...

Saturday 07 February 11:11am

katsamal replied to topic 11-13 wk scan

Hi Tepe I had the nuchal translucency screening at 13 weeks. I had it as both of my children are deaf and we knew that we wouldn't be able to handle a baby with major nueral problems, so we would ...

Saturday 07 February 11:03am

katsamal replied to topic PAINS ALMOST ALL THE TIME

Hi Young Mum I can certainly relate to your problem. I am amazed when people are surprised that they have a pain when they are pregnant, as I seem to have pains all the time. I have now learnt to ...

Saturday 07 February 10:46am

katsamal replied to topic Unexplained bleeding at 14 weeks

Hi Chrissy I had bleeding at 8 weeks with my first, it was after sex and scan showed no problems. Went on to deliver fine with no further probs. I then had bleeding at 20 weeks with my second and ...

Sunday 01 February 10:45am

katsamal replied to topic Thrush

Hi Allybelly I get thrush even when I'm not pregnant, but thought I had it a few months ago at about 12 weeks. I did two lots of treatment with Canesten which normally fixes it up quick smart, but...

Saturday 31 January 11:52am

katsamal replied to topic to know or not to know (gender)?

Well this is a good one I didn't find out with my first, but did with my second and current. I LOVED knowing as it was just such a bonding thing for me during my pregnancies, and certainly didn't ...

Thursday 29 January 09:04am

katsamal replied to topic when will I put on weight

Hi Tones I think you should only worry if you were underweight to start with. If you were over weight (even a ltiile bit) then you have the weight to lose and its not a problem. Also if you had an...

Thursday 29 January 08:43am

katsamal replied to topic Does anyone else have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome?

Hi Bigmama I have only recently been diagnosed with PCOS, after having two children with no difficulties (the first one I fell pregnant straight off the pill and number two took four months). I we...

Tuesday 27 January 10:50am

katsamal replied to topic What Practicle Advice Would You Pass On To A First Time Pregnant Mum???

Hi Everyone I am the mother of a 4 yo boy and a 2 yo girl and am due again in June 2004. Some advice I have to give is; Listen politely to all the "unwelcome" advice you get and then do things th...

Tuesday 27 January 10:35am
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