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Jenni72 replied to topic Solids Refusal!

Thanks Ailsa. After I posted the message my son got his 1st tooth, so I presume he went off his solids because of his teething, but now he is back eating his solids again and he loves them. I am...

Wednesday 08 October 08:38am

Jenni72 started new topic Solids Refusal!

I am new to the site and I was hoping that someone could help me with my problem. My 6 mth old is refusing to eat his solids. I started him on solids around 4.5 mths and he was doing really well ...

Thursday 02 October 03:57pm

Jenni72 replied to topic Bottle Feeding

I am having the same problem. My husband and I think that we need to start our son (who is also 11 weeks) on the next stage in the formula but not too sure who to ask or what formula to use next.

Monday 16 June 06:47pm

Jenni72 started new topic Heating Bottles

I have an 11 week old boy and he is being bottle fed. I have just read that you shouldn't heat the bottles in the microwave as you can lose nutrients from the formula. Is the microwave safe to hea...

Monday 16 June 06:41pm
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