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CJ's Mum

CJ's Mum replied to topic Older mum in the redlands

Hi Fee I too am an older mum (35) with a 13 month old Charlie Jack. I live in Wellington Point having relocated here from interstate on a few months ago. I currently work 3 days a week on our fa...

Tuesday 22 February 04:16pm
CJ's Mum

CJ's Mum started new topic Biting and pulling hair

Does anyone have any tips or knowledge as to how to best deal with this?

Saturday 08 January 09:01pm
CJ's Mum

CJ's Mum replied to topic Struggling to change nappies/clothes with 9 mth old.

Hi there Our 9.5 month old Charlie now showers with dad at night. We put his suction seat in the shower. He loves the water and has no probs with it pouring down his face. Our shower head detac...

Saturday 20 November 11:00pm
CJ's Mum

CJ's Mum replied to topic Reflux

Hi there My boy has suffered reflux from an early age. He was put on S26 AR (Anti Reflux), Infacol before each bottle and Mylanta for those bad attacks. The improvement was not substantial. I w...

Saturday 20 November 10:43pm
CJ's Mum
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