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My 10 month old son has Meningicoccol B and is currently in hospital, does anyone know of any support groups that I can get in contact with? My husband and I really need to talk to people who have been through this terrible experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

carmen, qld, 5y.o girl and 10mnth boy

Hey iam rally sorry to hear this and i hope your son gets better very soon, my daughters dad's son had Meningoicoccl when he was younger and he said it was horrible seeing his son like that and yeah, have u tryed doing a search in google or something for a support group?

Ann - Mummy To Taneesha, Jesse & Hallie

Hi carmen,
I hope your little boy is okay, we are thinking of you.
We had a scare a few weeks ago with our son 20months, he had all the symptoms but lucky it was only a virus of some sort..

i have found a support group but not sure if it only for central coast and sydney, butthey should be able to help you find one around qld.

These support groups are set up by parents who have had children with the disease, so they will be very understanding.

I work in pathology and we are the first people to see a positive blood result and it always affects me quite bad because it is such a viralent disease.

Just keep your chin up and focus on your son. Hope it is a good outcome

ness, 2boys cc

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