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We live in Adelaide's Western Suburbs
smile Josie

Adelaide, sahm, 2 boys 1 girl

hey cristie,
i am from adelaide and live up in the hills. I am 24 and have a gorgeous 13month old. Woiuld love to have chats with u-
hi im tamara, i live in christie downs. im 24 and my hubby is 27 i have a 4 year old daughter jaymie and a 9month old son nathan. my email is if anyone wants a chat.


Hi everyone, my names Sarah I used to come on this site but havent had a computer for most of this year so i'll re-introduce myself. Im almost 24, have a gorgeous 2 and a half year old daughter Brooke and am 20 weeks pregnant with our second bubba. Im married to Daniel who's 24.

Would love to get to know some other mum's, if anyone feels like having a chat my e-mail is

See you all around smile
Hi everyone

My name is Kym and i have 3 girls.

Emma 9yrs
Rhiana 2 1/2yrs
Chyane 1

i live in davoren park which is north of city and is actually in elizabeth.

i was just looking for someone to chat to and some friends i could make


Kym, SA, mother of Emma 9, Rhiana 2 & Chyane 1

Hi everyone my name is Tanya and Im 33 years old which seems like a grandma on here which Im definately not...I have a new baby girl Isabella who was born on 24.1.05 which makes her 10 weeks old along with 5 other children 3 of mine and 2 step children ranging from 14yrs-10 weeks(sounds crazy I know but its not really)I am keen to talk to other mums from my area which is Glenunga, who would like to catch up and chat about new bubs or anything really by email or in person for a coffee.
My email address is and if I dont reply on the day dont think Im ignorant as I have just returned to work 3 days a week.
Hope to hear from some of you soon... Tanya and Isabella
Hi all

My name is Sonia and I'm a mum from the western suburbs too. I have an almost 4 month old son, Zak, who is keeping me on my toes.

Would love to chat.


Baby Zak, SA

hi my name is charlene and I have a daughter shania who will be 2 on the 13th may(man that has come around quick) I am married and I am currently working part time as a veterinary nurse in port adelaide although i live in the northern suburbs.

Hi Everyone. I am an Adelaide mum too. My name is Kylee and I am mum to two boys - Camaron who is 5 and Joshua who is 2. We are in the Northern suburbs.


hi kylee my name is charlene.i see you have a 2 yr old.tell me does he eat vegies,because my girl shania won't eat them and hasn't done so since she was about 15mths old.we have tried everything so if you or anyone else has any suggestions on how to get toddlers to eat vegies i would love to know how.which suburb are you in.i am in craigmore.

hey there mate i reckon we have chatted on vodaphone live is that you? from teza

kylie (30) from munno para

lol i thought i was a grandma at 28 ha ha. age means nothing lol

kylie (30) from munno para

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