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Wanting to start a mother's group in Thornlie/Canngvle area Rss

hi everyone,

I am a soon-to-be first time mum (bub due 20/11/05) and am looking to start a new mother's/parent's group locally. I live in Thornlie/CastleGlen area so anyone who is interested and lives nearby (or is interested and doesn't live nearby!!) please let me know.

I have no idea how/where to start this so suggestions from others who have 'been there, done that' would also be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

PS my email address is : if you want to contact me outside of here
Hi Panda

I would have been keen if I still lived in the area but have recently moved!

Just wanted to let you know that a mothers group is run through the Child Health Clinic after you have had your baby. The Clinic nurse will tell you about it when you go for your check up once the baby is born. This is how many mums groups start. The first sessions are sort of support/education type and then it is up to the mums after that to keep in contact. I found it really good even though I don't go to it any more.


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When I had my son in Sept 2003 and was living in Gosnells, I joined a Mothers group that started at the Maddington Child Health Clinic. All of us became really close and we started a playgroup of our own that we attend every Monday morning.

Two years on, we still go every week and all the kids are great friends and so are us Mum's.

Once you have your baby, enquire at the local child health clinic and they should be able to give you info about any Mother's groups. You can also call Playgroup WA and find out where your nearest playgroup is.

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