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We are looking at relocating to Dysart as my fiancé works there and does fly in fly out . We r just waiting on the company to get back to us about relocation. I am curious about what is in dysart? I daughter is 4 1/2 months old and would really like to meet other mums with kids around the same ages . I have seen a few posts on here about dysart but they r over 5 years old ..
I live near Dysart, they have a playgroup there that I hear wonderful feedback about smile
Thank you, I have heard that it is a very friendly community , just unsure what time going to do with all my time lol . Hopefully moving within the next month
HI Charlene,

I live in Dysart and it's not too bad. I'm due with my first in Jan so don't know alot about the mothers groups but they do run them and other little groups. The best way is to join the Dysart Notice Board on facebook and ask about the playgroup etc, or search it on there. The local activities centre does a Kiddie Gymnastics (excuse the words, not up on the lingo just yet haha) the library also does story time, and the pool does baby swimming classes in a heated pool as well. I know these sort of things are how alot of mums meet other mums to become involved in the more 'social' mothers groups.
It'll be me next year huh
Also, activities wise....Probably the BEST way to find out whats happening around town is to pick up a 'Dysart Diary' (monthly newsletter) from one of the supermarkets, they have timetables of absolutely everything going on. Really handy!

The town may take a little to get use to but it is what you make it I guess. If you find yourself a bit lost/lonely or need a vent over a coffee, feel free to PM me wink
All the best with the move smile
Thank you ms_0 , all that info has put my mind at ease . I would very much li e to catch up for a coffee , and venting is always good lol . Do you have friends with babies ?. I will pm u my name and if you have fb we can chat on there .
I moved here in May and have a friend here with 2 kids (3yr boy, 1yr old girl) but other than that know nobody. I work a funny roster (til November), so since being here have only really worked and then gone away for days off. Will be a shock to my system staying at home in Dysart 24/7 when baby comes along smile

Glad the info was helpful smile

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