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Hi all I'm another New Mum on the Block :-) Lock Rss

Hi everyone I am new here to so I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Rena I am 21 years old, I live on the Central Coast in NSW with my husband and 9 1/2 month old son. I am pregnant with my second child and am loving being pregnant again.
If anyone wants a chat my email address is and I will do my best to respond to all emails.

Take care

Rena, NSW, Sons Ethan 4 & Liam 3. Expecting bub#3

Hi Rena!
My name is Marti, and I am 22 years old. I also live on the Central Coast, with my fiance and 15 week old son. I added you to my msn, and my address is, if you want to have a chat!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

hi rena,
i am also 21 and live on the coast i would love to chat or maybe even get together and have a coffee or something.
i have 2 girls 3 and 11 months and also am pregnant again!
would love to here from you.
my email is and my msn is
hope to hear from you soon.


Tracey-daughters Enica & Krystal EDD 28/7/04

Hi moummytoethan and Marti smile

I also live on the coast and have organized a meet at Erina on the 22nd of May smile
there seems to be about 10 mums confirmed going so far and i hope you would like to join us smile

Have a read of the central coast meet thread and if you would like to come please write and say how many you would be bringing so i can book smile

hope to see you there smile


Belinda, Central Coast NSW. Mum of 3

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