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Is it too early for me to do a pregnancy test yet??

I am not due until next Thursday but have had a few symptons ie. really sensative boobs/nipples and they feel and look bigger, veins in boobs becoming darker, feeling off, abdominal cramps etc. These are pretty much the symptons I had with my first child.

What is the earliest a test will pick up that I am pregnant, is it worth doing one now or is it to early?


You could do a test but it is a bit early still. You could see if you could hold out for a few more days- or go to the doctor and get a blood test- that will show up a BFP if you are.

Good luck

Yeah, I think it's too early.
First Response is supposed to be good..... the only one I use & it says you can test 5 days before AF is due.

Good Luck
hi jules , i thnk there are tests out there that u can do 3 or 4 days earier. i used one of these and were accurate.
good luck
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most HPT can be done 7-10 days before af is due and are accurate. However some may only work 7-10 after conception so i would wait (easier said then done i know) a couple of days then test.

i had all of that on Friday, not pregnant, just my first drug-free PMT. seriously.
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