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Woo hoo, The wiggles tickets are on sale from 9am this morning. And we got Hot Potato seats!!! Has anyone been to a wiggles concert?
I am actually really looking forward to going!

hey shez, just posted I am waiting to book mine- we are in WA grrrrr. We've never been before, my neice went last time and she had a blast!

Am going to see Dorothy's dance party in a few weeks too woohoo!

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

Have you seen how many tickets are for sale already on ebay for Sydney?? Gee I wonder if they were unwanted gifts Certainly makes it hard for parents with children who genuinely wants to see the Wiggles and not be ripped off by people trying to make money out of us. Certainly we are paying enough already for Wiggles tickets just paying the Wiggles and the agencies that book them. Talk about opportunists. Congrats to the parents who managed to get good seats and genuinely want them for themselves, not to profiteer out of others.
that's a shame - I would never have thought of ebay - I thought ebay had a ruling on ticket scalping?
I've just had a look - I can't believe the prices they are asking on ebay - its disgusting!!!!
Beware of buying tickets off ebay!!!
Have a read through this!!

thanks shez - i already bought mine legally this morning. But I really thought ebay had rulings re scalping.
I got tix too this morning for the Sydney show on the 21/12. Didn't get really good seats but I never thought that after only 1 hour of the tix going on sale, I'd miss out. I tried about 25 times before managing to get the tix. Anyway, hope DD will have a great time!!!!!!

DD1 7/11/04, DD2 27/5/08

I had to work this morning and enlisted the help of my niece to get the tickets and she got 7 rows from the front!!!!!!!!Woo hoo I am so excited!

Hey guys -
we normally buy on the phone or online but this year since I spend an hour at home trying to get them I thought I would line up. Got there at 7 and was first in line. WE got front row tix for Newcastle - never ever been front row at a concert before the kids will pee their pants. And nope I didnt get extras for ebay...... ggggrrrr to the people that do! its not fair. You shouldnt be able to sell them on ebay at all
Anyway yay for all those who got tix!

Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

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