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what are you all planning to get your children for christmas. some of us (like me) need some ideas.

i have got her some clothes, the little touch leappad.. and about 4 books to go with it and some shoes from the shoe store that were half price...

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

Well my son is 2yrs, i've gotten him the playdoh crtvy tble,tonka huge truck...thats all i have gotten so far.
I also got that tracen draw table for my nephew 6yrs,vanity table for neice4yrs and wiggles playtent for my other nephew2yrs...
I'm still shopping around for more stuff...LOL!!

melb,vic....2yr old boy

might i add i'm very behind this many presents too buy and so so litle time...great!
I like what u've gotten...
May i add i bought my son a shrek projector bk,it's so cool, at nite b4 bed i turn the lights out and we read his bk, it's so good...he loves it. I actually bought another one for girls, princess projector bk for my friends daughter's bday just last week for her 2nd..
You can buy them from bigw or target under $20

melb,vic....2yr old boy

projector book. can you take a pic of it. what does it do i am curious and i live about 2-4 hours from any city being big or small... lol so when we go to the city (rarely) i go NUTS... LOOOOVE shopping.

for friends kids i have got them clothes and $20. and there are three of them... (well four actually but peter is only 1) well he's 1 3 days after christmas so i have got him a sippy cup thing (interchangable bottle sippy cup thingy) and some toy (i aint decided on yet got three on layby) and for his birthday got him some shoes ($40 mind you i fell over i couldn't believe it) and a little outfit...

i am giving my fiance money for christmas and getting him some stuff from avon (bbq cover and utensils) and a friend of mine kelly (shes a member of here so i wont say what i got her, tahlia (her little girl) and her little sister tenielle.)

gotta run see what other people have written.


Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

My little girl will be 20 months in December and we have bought her lots of 'imagination' play equipment including megablocks (large lego blocks), little people village and playground, stroller for doll she has already ans books, books, books as well as Wiggles and Disney DVD's.
Hi Narelle,

My son is getting a cubby house which my hubby and his mates have built, just need to do the finishing touches. Also getting tonka trucks and leggo. Think that it enough.

My little girl is 7months and we got her a fisher price laugh and learning house.It is fantastic! Its got a door that opens & shuts, a doorbell, a light switch on & off..........and heaps of other things.It retails for $149 but kmart has 25% off fisher price this week!!!A bargin!
For my 3yr old we tracked down a v I am on the hunt for some games for it.
Anyway I hope my suggestion was useful.

Jordan 7/3/01 & Ashleigh 5/4/04


We got our 3.5yr old son a V-Smile as well, his older cousins play a PS2 and he just sits and stares so we thought this will let him have some fun too.

Can't think of anything for my 1 year old son, so far we bought a Elmo backpack.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the 2nd child, as we have so many little boy toys and hand me down clothing from our first son, it's hard to find something individual for him.


Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

i have bought some thunder bird craft , nothing else yet

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

HI Xmas shoppers

Ive got my 15 month old girl, one of the singing Elmo dolls, he spells and dances his name out. As well as a fisher price magnadoodle. I bought it from Toyworld, be aware though that they advertise as being the cheapest but quite often arent. Big W has a huge range of toys and is generally the cheapest.

I think the fisher price little people range looks great for older toddlers.

Good luck shopping,


Jeanie, QLD, toddler girl and boy and pregnant

I must say I agree about the Fisher Price Little People Jeanie. We got some for the first birthday and they have been great value. Also the peek-a-block range is great. I find that even older children who visit love to play with them so they should last us for a while.

Kate, NSW, Hamish's Mum

I got Rhylee a 6-36months Leappad book, but does anyone know if or when you can get the extra books, I've seen them for the older kids leap pads but not the littlies ones. I also got him HEAPS of finding Nemo stuff, cups toys and a big blanket, Im also buying him a fish for his birthday so im really hoping he doesnt try to set it free so it can go find nemo or something when he gets abit bigger. I got him HEAPS of clothes as my ex's family have all either just had boys or are pregnant with boys, so the hand me downs are being handed down before he grows out of them. I got him heaps of toys, there is some Sesame Street car keys and a saxaphone and elmo dvds. Theres more but i cant remember. I think that when you can't remember everything that you got you went way overboard.

BeC TeeN MuM oF RHYLee BoRN 11/12/03

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