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Any Mums with babies with special needs? Lock Rss

Hi, My daughter who has just turned 2 has Down Syndrome and I wondered if there are any other Mums who have littlies with special needs that would like to email. I have just had our second bub, Jacob, who is now 3 months. We are so blessed and happy (and busy)! It would be nice to have contact with other Mums who know what it's like to have developmental delays and other issues related to special needs kids. Thanks

Mother of Caitlin 17.10.02 & Jacob 10.07.04

hey there i am not a mum of a child with special needs however i am a best friend of a mum who's little one has down syndrome. Sometimes i feel as though i am a mum to her as i tend to care for her alot to give my best friend and her partner some time out. I think she is such a beautiful child and she makes my day when she learns something new. However sometimes i get so protective of her i get myself upset when she hurts herself . I think to myself my life wouldnt be the same with out her in my life.
Would love to chat to you soon my email address is
I am due with my first baby end of janurary

Michelle, WA, Rhylee 15 months bubs due sep!!!

my daughter daughter has since about 6mths of age had "chronic wheeze"
later diagnosed with chronic severe asthma.

from about 12mthd had anaphylaxis to nuts eggs sesame oranges, all dairy, strawberries, kiwi,, latex the list goes on...
Now she only allergic to nuts.

also @ bout 12mths she developed eczema which has been comin and going

she also had a blocked tear duct which troubled her for a looong time (have gone into detail in another post)..

as for my 4th old he has had the tear duct trouble and also has a "chronic Wheeze"

looks like the same pattern...

so my kids sorta fit into the special needs category
my email is

nikki, 8yo girl, 2 1/2 y/o boy & preg with no.3

My second son we now know is autistic and ADHD, he is 4 now but we always thought from birth he was 'high maintence' until the label was given 12mths ago. Any special need is a big challenge and for life, many great moments. I went on to have 2 more sons before we knew his needs officially and infact he brings the most joy to out lifes. His social development delays are not as far as they were now his older brother is at kindy and he gets exposed to other preschoolers. Toilet trainning I found the hardest, happy to email privately. if you wanted to talk.

Louise, had 4 boys under 4

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