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What is the difference between Huggies Ultiamte and normal Huggies Rss

In the newborn nappy range there are two types. One is Huggies normal. The other is Huggies Ultimate. They both seem to look the same, and the packaging seems to say all the same stuff with only one exception: the Huggies ultimate states that it does not contain formaldehyde and other chemicals. The Huggies normal does not state this. Does this mean that the Huggies normal contains formaldehyde and the other chemicals in the list? Is there any other differences between these two products? Thankyou.
Hi Nancy

Thanks for your concern.

I've asked our consumer affairs team for more details on this and will get back to you shortly.

Huggies Moderator
Let us help clarify as there is new packaging out there on shelf. We’ve rebranded our Huggies size 1 and 2 nappies (previously Huggies Ultimate) as the Huggies Newborn and Huggies Infant range. It’s the same product you love, lovingly crafted to provide our best care for your baby’s delicate skin, through our three-way combination of softness, dryness and breathability, and now comes with a name change to read just Huggies Newborn and Huggies Infant. Huggies Newborn Nappies, like all nappies in the Huggies range, are made from gentle ingredients and are produced to extensive safety standards to help ensure they are not made with a range of potentially harmful ingredients including formaldehyde, elemental chlorine and natural rubber latex. You can learn more about the composition of our nappy products here : . This is the case for both the packs with Ultimate and without - the information is now on the side of the box/pack.

We hope this has helped. If we can be of any more assistance, or you have any further comments or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via return email or call our Consumer Engagement Team on toll-free 1800 028 334 in Australia (Monday to Friday 8am – 4pm, eastern standard time).

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