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Hi lovelies!

I'm probably one the un-friendliest donators out there. I just don't believe in those charities who present themselves as life changers. I think it is a shady huge business, and who knows how much of the money actually gets donated to where it suppose to be.
I'm sure there are great people behind some of the charities curtains, but I just don't trust most of them. I rather go and give my donation personally.

What do you guys think?
Do you send money to the numbers on TV screen who ask to help the hungry child or abused animal? Do you donate online? Do you believe in the cancer research donations? Or any kind of donation you give, share!
I regularly donate money to one charity organization . I know about its activities so I know that it's not a scam. The organization cares about orphans in Ukraine and works with orphanages to meet children's basic needs while building loving relationships with them. So yeah I believe in donation.
I don't have much money so I can't really make donations. I am trying to figure out the way to make more checking out best peer to peer lending rates and stuff and I hope that in a few years I'll become wealthier but now things aren't going so well.
Well, I never tried to donate the money yet because my children are now grown and we have to spend so much money on their education and that's why sometime's I face some money problems too. My friend suggests me to earn money by playing jackpot casino at an online casino website but I am not sure about this because I never tried that before and I am taking the risk but my friend tells me that it is 100% safe. What are your opinions about this?
I like to earn money and donate to my family or other good people. Last year I won money playing on casino games on Deutch site and I donate all money to poor people and children. I think I did right! What do you think?
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