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Children sleeping in the same bed Lock Rss

It seems my 2 girls just LOVE co-sleeping- with us. But I'm getting over it! One sleeps in our bed with one of us and one on the futon. Am wondering if anyone has put their kids in the same bed together for company and if it has worked etc?

Many thanks

Do they share a bedroom? If not, maybe that would be enough?
I had friends who did this as they bought a new bed and their girls wanted to share the old 'big' bed. It worked great for them, they only got seperate beds when the oldest was 12 and started her period.
I've been considering doing this for my 2 girls coz they hate going to bed and my oldest tells me she feels lonely in bed by herself. My only concern is not going to sleep and waking each other up in the morning. I'm gonna start with a couple of weekends and see how it goes.
will be interesting to hear of others experiences though smile
I have been thinking about this too.. The twins sleep so well when there near one another they use to share a cot when theY both could fit lol they have there own cots now but I was thinking when there older if that would make them sleep longer if they had each others company cos at this moment there one in 15 days and still wake up every few hours for a cuddle roll eyes
Thanks for your replies ladies.
knockonwood-when they do sleep in their own beds it's separate rooms.
Think I will look into it more.... Could get myself a new bed and give them ours smile
Thanks again

Thought I should add, my girls share a room. They were in seperate rooms but I out them back together hoping it would stop my oldest feeling alone. It's better kind of but she still craves that closeness to someone.
My 2 girls share a bed also. We have only had a couple of problems with my youngest if she has had a sleep during the day. They love sleeping together. They also have the dog in there with them. So they all sleep snuggled up and keep each other warm.
My boys share a room and a bed LOL....they are 2 & 3 and have a bed each (bunks) but since DS2's last overnight hospital stay in early January, they've slept together ever since cos DS1 'can't sleep without bubbin' (that's what they call each other LOL). I thought for sure that it wouldn't work as DS2 is usually awake by sparrow fart and DS1 likes his sleep a bit more, but they've got it worked out now....if one gets up before the other, they'll let the other one sleep. They sleep top to tail at the moment and generally don't kick each other too much but a lot of nights they end up curled up together like peas in a pod cute!

DF & I have actually been considering buying them a double bed when they get older if they still insist on sharing a bed......but I'm hoping they learn to sleep in the bunks seperately as the bedrooms are so darn small in this house!

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