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Im approx. 6 weeks pregnant and have been getting frequent head spins/ dizzy spells its not too bad but as i said its quite frequent.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal, im worrying myself thinking about it and i didnt experience this when i was preggers with DS...

I posted similar elsewhere but hoping for quicker answers??

i use to get it all the time with ds quite badly.

never got it once when preggers with dd.
Sounds like you may have low blood pressure. Have a chat to your doc, but try getting up slowly when you are standing up, and slowly swing yourself out of bed rather than getting straight up. Definitley something to mention to the doc, but very common in early pregnancy so I wouldn't fret too much smile

EDIT: i'm no doc, it could be something else, but that's just what it sounds like to me (and from my personal experience, got the same with both my pregnancies)
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i had them with both pregnancies, but worse with DD1 to the point i nearly passed out twice.

i went to the doc but they couldnt find what was causing it.

if you are worried i would see your doc for a check up

Thank you for those replies. I feel a little more at ease and will take the advice of getting up slowely, ect.

Im making a doc appointment 2moro and will be sure to ask about this, just needed a little advice in them mean time.

Thanks again

I never had it with my two boys but all the way through with my DD.
High or low blood pressure or an inner ear infection (shows next to know symtoms apart from dizzieness)
Hope you get some answers quickly smile

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