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Help.....Paranoia Lock Rss

I am not sure how to start this thread off but I guess I just wanted to share my recent fear with other mothers and hopefully I am not alone with these feelings.

My mother was sexually abused by her father and this has certainly made me aware that "anyone" can be a victim.

The other night my husband and I were bathing our daughter and I was washing her "bits" and he said jokingly "just think some people may find that a thrill"... now my husband is very private about sex etc and he didn't mean it in any perverse way but it suddenly made me feel paranoid. To the point where I was fearful of wiping her bottom after a nappy change. My husband heard about a lady in the USA who sued her parents for wiping her bottom (some people will sue for anything won't they!)... over the past couple of days my brain keeps making me quite paranoid about kissing or touching my daughter and I have NEVER felt this way, and changing her nappy has never been an issue as I have never thought anything of it. I know I would never do ANYTHING but I have suddenly felt concious about what I do.

I love my daughter so much but now I get funny thoughts in my mind and I just wish they would go away!! I am not usually a paranoid person!

Do I appear a bit of a nutcase for feeling wierd since what my husband said or has anyone else suddenly had a feeling that makes them feel weird? I guess wiping our childrens bits is what we have been doing for so long but why has it now bothered me to the point that touching her I feel like a perv!

I don't expect any replies but I feel much better for venting this and hopefully by the end of the week I will be feeling back to normal!!

Sophie's Mummy

Thinking about it and seeing that people have read my thread, I was wondering if anyone would like to reply and share their stories. We all love our children very much and it is not fair to be made to feel a little edged about what happens elsewhere in society.

Sophie's Mummy

Although I have not yet experienced having my baby yet - I am 25 weeks pregnant with our first - I believe that becoming a mother would turn even the most calmest people into paranoid wrecks. Espessially as you have had the experience of sexual abuse close to the family. This, without a doubt would have to cross your mind at some stage or another.
I really dont know what to say that would make you feel better as I havent even had my baby boy yet. I am sorry I am not help.

I do not think you are weird or not normal, though.
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