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Hi mums , i was just curious when you had your second - third bub if they woke your other children up at night for feeds? I am planning on no 2 soon , and their bedrooms are right next to each other. I thought about having bubs in my room this time till 3 months or so , didnt do it last time as the little noises drove me mad. A friend of mine just had second and said her son does wake up when her daughter cries but he usually resettles himself. Any advice? Ta Jess xxx
hi .
my experience was yes. the baby did wake the toddler, sometimes, but this was only for a little while. my toddlr seemed to get used to it and is fine now.
unfortunatley my toddler has been having bad dreams and waking at night and i now worry she will wake the baby!
ah sorry that may be no help tongue

mum of 3 girls

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