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i really want to get an at-home job.does anyone do this?? i mean anything...stuffing envelopes, licking stamps?! we need the xtra cash, so i thought if i did something from home it could help out. is it hard 2 stay on track when u have a baby/child at home? and also does anyone know of any at-home jobs?

i dont work at the moment but you could try catalogue distribution or even nightfill work at the supermarket.
They aren't technically at home jobs but are easy to do while your child sleeps or is looked after by the other parent/family.
ironing??u can start with mine!

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

hi have you tried all the different sights on the computer doing surveys i have just gone back to work only doing 2 days but i started with avon gave out a couple of books to family and friends and thats going great i have people from my friends ordering now also telemarketing from home and have a look on line under work from home
((google)) good luck


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